Piatnik Economy Red Mark Cards

Piatnik Playing Cards unite traditional knowhow with modern technology and high grade raw materials; utilising both the most modern electronic printing machinery as well as manually operated printers to create class European products.

As one kind of Piatnik brand poker cards, Piatnik Economy plastic-smooth red cards are made in Austria, each deck of Piatnik Economy plastic-smooth red cards contains 55 bridge size cards, each deck is packed with paper box. With its red color and 4 corner regular index, we always mark this kind of playing cards with small font in four corners, the color of the ink is black.

This kind of marked cards are always a cheating tool in games and magic performance, when you want to play poker tricks to fool others, or want to give a wonderful magic show, you can choose Piatnik Economy Plastic smooth red cards to help. Generally speaking, we mark playing poker cards backside with a big luminous middle juice font or four invisible ink small numbers fonts on the four corners.Do not forget to buy a pair of infrared marked cards contact lenses or marked poker cards glasses as well, they will help you to see the invisible marks on the cards.Other poker players who do not wear this kind of invisible ink kit reader cannot see backside hidden invisible luminous markings.

Product Information

Decks: 1

Size: Poker Size

Index: Regluar Index

Colors: Red

Material: 100% Paper

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Piatnik Economy Red Marked Playing Cards


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