X ray contact lenses with playing cards for poker cheating

X ray contact lenses set off a boom among poker loving gamblers. Most people have know that X ray can apply to medicine, but normal people pay little attention to it except poker players. Most poker cheating gamblers want to buy this X ray contact lenses for seeing through playing cards.
We are specially marked cards factory producing playing cards cheating devices in China, not in India. There have diverse products category in GS, and you will find your favorite here. X ray contact lenses are one of special contact lenses for playing cards. After wear X ray playing cards contact lenses, you can see through poker cards including its point and numbers.
With this magic X ray contact lenses, you do not need to work with marked cards invisible ink or luminous marked cards, just one pair of X ray playing cards contact lenses.


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  • Content: Hello. And Bye.
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  • Name: Hridyansh2019-02-18 00:44:37IP:
  • Content: Dear sir Im intrested for White/Red UV Contact Lenses. Please tell how you can send the product.
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  • Name: JJ2019-02-03 12:14:50IP:
  • Content: I want to buy bicycle brand box of 10 decks of marked cards with contacts for blue eyes that can see the markings.
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