Texas Holdem games tricks with invisible contact lenses

Marked cards contact lenses are used for reading invisible ink marked cards at poker games. There are IR contact lenses and UV invisible ink contact lenses for reading different poker marked cards, but their functions are same.
The marked cards contact lenses enjoy good reputation for reading the invisible marks on marked playing cards with 100% accuracy. When you play Texas Holdem with them, you will know the poker suits and points of next cards or other poker hands easily. You can make betting or fold according to your reading. With this advantage, you will be able to master this game very easily and successfully.
We have different invisible contact lenses with poker marked cards to help you in Texas Holdem games.


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  • Content: Dear sir Im intrested for White/Red UV Contact Lenses. Please tell how you can send the product.
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  • Content: I want to buy bicycle brand box of 10 decks of marked cards with contacts for blue eyes that can see the markings.
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