Poker analyzer with cell phone marked cards lenses

How many kinds of marked cards tricks have you ever heard? Luminous marked cards and UV contact lenses or invisible ink sunglasses kit? There is no doubt that marking cards readers kit is the most convenient poker tool in poker games or magic show, but there has playing cards scanner poker analyzer system for helping you handing poker winning odds.
Spy phone monitoring playing cards system can see through barcode marked cards with invisible ink. Different from other cell phones for poker cheat, this monitoring system cell phone is intended to work with analyze poker results. It is specially designed for scanning laser barcode marked cards. After scanning, it will send poker data to poker analyzer, no matter CVK, PK King or AKK poker analyzer, it is Okay. And you can get results by watching time appearing on the screen.
The cell phone has the same appearance and the same function as real phone. We have installed the cell phone with a pinhole scanning camera and special poker games software.


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