PK King wallet poker camera for scanning marked cards

If you want to buy a really good poker camera to help you achieve success in poker cheat, we recommend you to use our PK King wallet three scanning cameras.
Why I will recommend you to use our wallet playing cards scanner?
Wallet is a usual item to hold money and also an ideal item to carry poker camera. No one will pay attention to this magic three poker camera wallet. Just feeling at ease to use this PK King poker wallet camera.
The advantage of this PK King wallet marked playing cards scanning camera can reach no blind scanning distance. You will find that one kind of scanning distance is 5-10cm, the other kind of scanning distance is 10-60cm and the most special longest scanning distance is 5-60cm.
PK King wallet camera is good to work with PK King poker analyzer in poker games. If you are looking for poker scanning camera, PK King wallet poker camera is suitable for you.


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