Piatnik Marked decks for poker cheat

Piatnik poker cards, one kind of playing cards brand in Austria, was popular all over the world.
You can choose different marked cards Piatnik from our marked cards store for various purpose. The first kind is contact lenses marked cards. We mark paper Piatnik playing cards with invisible ink, so that you can wear luminous ink contact lenses to see marked decks directly. Actually, you will find no difference from the appearance. And the other kind we often used is barcode marked Piatnik cards, these kind of cards need to work with poker analyzer system. And you can know poker rankings before the Piatnik poker cards dealing.
Do not hesitate to choose your Piatnik marked decks for poker cheat games. Besides Piatnik brand marked poker cards, Bee juice deck, Modiano marked luminous cards and Copag marking playing cards, etc.


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