Micro earpieces in poker games

Wireless earpiece is also named as wireless headphones, wireless headset or micro headphones. It is not good for you to wear wire earphone or Bluetooth headset in the cards playing games because people will regard it as a kind of cheating device. In order to help you enjoy more fun in poker games, the micro wireless mini earpiece plays essential parts in receiving poker results.
This kind of wireless earpiece is best for playing games in poker room or private room for no one notices this micro earpiece. Since the mini and subtle size, it can be entirely hidden in the ear canal which is easy to carry and operate. With receiving signals by inductive coil, mini headset is very clear. As for the battery life, it can last about 5 hours but you need to notice that remove the battery when not use it.
If you use the poker analyzer system for your gambling cheat, our mini micro playing cards earpiece is a necessary device for helping you receive poker games results.


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