LED light poker camera

LED light are common in daily life. You can see it anywhere no matter in casino, bank, hospital, etc. LED light is good position to set with poker camera.
What is the special advantage inside this LED light poker camera? The light scanning poker camera can read marked playing cards in 1-5 meters. It's absolutely the long distance poker camera for you if you are also looking for.
If you need further scanning distance between LED light poker cheat camera and invisible marked cards, please contact us at any time. The most important is that this type of marked poker camera can work with poker analyzer system.


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  • Name: Otis curry2018-12-02 15:43:35IP:
  • Content: How much is the contact lens and playing cards? Thank you
  • Reply: Hello, friend. We have sent a email to you for details, pleases check and reply. Thanks
  • Name: Robertmic2018-11-19 05:20:41IP:
  • Content: Hello, want to know some information about the contact lenses! Please contact me!
  • Reply: Hello, friend. About the details of contact lenses, i have sent you a E-mail, please check and reply. Thank you.
  • Name: Jason2018-10-15 06:07:02IP:
  • Content: Price for x-ray lenses ?
  • Reply: Friend, thank you for your enquiry about the x-ray contact lenses, about the details, i have sent a email to you. Please check and reply. 

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