Lamp poker scanner for marked playing cards

Poker scanners fixed inside such items as power bank, car key or lighter are usually used for reading marked playing cards, while marked poker camera fixed inside lamp are intended for scanning barcode marked cards.
We hide our poker camera in the lamps of different types. No one will think of your lamp could be poker cheating device because the processed lamp poker camera look no different from the common one. When you put barcode marked cards under poker camera lamp, the poker camera first scans these invisible marked cards decks, then collects the information of the playing cards and last sends the data by wireless transfer to a monitor in backstage. The marks on the card backs can be seen clearly on the monitor screen.
Be noticed that if you want to use long distance lamp poker scanner, and use the special marked cards we customize for you.


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  • Name: JJ2019-02-03 12:14:50IP:
  • Content: I want to buy bicycle brand box of 10 decks of marked cards with contacts for blue eyes that can see the markings.
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  • Name: Eric Johnson2019-01-16 12:24:57IP:
  • Content: I am interested in the poker analyzer
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  • Name: Lin2019-01-08 04:36:18IP:
  • Content: What is the price of the infrared glasses? And is it possible to make the glasses look like normal reading glasses?
  • Reply: Hello, friend. About the details of sunglasses, i have send message to your whatsapp, please check and reply.

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