Luminous ink contact lenses for sale

Infrared poker contact lenses which can see through invisible ink marking cards are widely used in poker games and magic performance. This kind of invisible ink contact lenses is a convenient product for simple usage and safety.
How do infrared marked cards contact lenses work? In according to the white light perspective principle, we processed contact lenses into different kinds of poker cards lenses which can meet numerous customers. In order not to change eye color of different people, we have different color of luminous ink contact lenses for sale such as blue eyes contact lenses, green eyes contact lenses and brown eyes contact lenses. No matter what color of your eyes, we have 4 mm colored area contact lenses just cover the pupil, you can use this omnipotent infrared contact lenses.
You cannot see invisible ink marks with your naked eyes. Wearing our marking playing cards contact lenses will help you see any backside invisible ink marks clearly.


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