Infrared contact lenses for cheating Omaha game

Omaha is one kind of poker games. There are different poker devices to help you win in games. Omaha infrared contact lenses are one kind.
With the help of infrared contact lenses in Omaha games, you can see invisible markings clearly on the back of poker marked cards. These invisible ink marks are luminous to infrared contact lenses and you can know poker points and poker suits directly.
The poker user can know the other cards of other players in advance, it is good to help them know the game result easily and safely. You wear them inside your eyes just as wearing the regular contact lenses. You will feel soft and comfortable. The most important is that these infrared contact lenses will not change your eyes color.
Our infrared contact lenses are not only for cheating at Omaha games, but also for cheating at Texas Holdem and Blackjack games, etc. If you like to use other poker devices, we also have different poker devices for your selection.


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