Copag Jumbo Face marked cards for poker analyzer

If you are tired of using contact lenses marked cards and invisible ink glasses poker for poker games, why not try to use barcode marked deck of cards?
Copag barcode marked cards are perfect products in the world and we want to let more people know how they could help you. They are different from juice marked decks while the invisible ink markings at the edge side of Copag Jumbo Face poker. The biggest advantage is that Copag Jumbo Face marked cards for poker analyzer with various generation.
No matter you using Copag Jumbo Face poker marked cards for Texas Holdem or Omaha games, they can give you wonderful performance.


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  • Name: JJ2019-02-03 12:14:50IP:
  • Content: I want to buy bicycle brand box of 10 decks of marked cards with contacts for blue eyes that can see the markings.
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  • Name: Eric Johnson2019-01-16 12:24:57IP:
  • Content: I am interested in the poker analyzer
  • Reply: Hello, friend. I have sent the email to you about the details, please check and reply.
  • Name: Lin2019-01-08 04:36:18IP:
  • Content: What is the price of the infrared glasses? And is it possible to make the glasses look like normal reading glasses?
  • Reply: Hello, friend. About the details of sunglasses, i have send message to your whatsapp, please check and reply.

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