China best marked cards

Playing marked cards, processed with the most advanced technology and equipment by GS playing cards manufacture, have been enjoying a good reputation for their high quality and reasonable price.
There has several reasons that our marked cards win the beautiful reputation. All the poker cards in our company are imported from original country. The invisible ink apply to playing cards is great quality, naked eyes cannot see its luminous ink markings. GS marked cards are your beloved brand marked cards poker!
Why do not choose playing card manufacture by GS?


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  • Name: Otis curry2018-12-02 15:43:35IP:
  • Content: How much is the contact lens and playing cards? Thank you
  • Reply: Hello, friend. We have sent a email to you for details, pleases check and reply. Thanks
  • Name: Robertmic2018-11-19 05:20:41IP:
  • Content: Hello, want to know some information about the contact lenses! Please contact me!
  • Reply: Hello, friend. About the details of contact lenses, i have sent you a E-mail, please check and reply. Thank you.
  • Name: Jason2018-10-15 06:07:02IP:
  • Content: Price for x-ray lenses ?
  • Reply: Friend, thank you for your enquiry about the x-ray contact lenses, about the details, i have sent a email to you. Please check and reply. 

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