Buy Copag Texas Holdem invisible ink playing cards

Copag Texas Holdem playing cards are one kind of best 100% PVC cards.
Many professional poker players like to use this kind of Copag playing cards in poker games or performing in magic show. Both of them like to use Copag Texas Holdem marked deck from our company, because marking Texas Holdem cards with invisible ink in our company is the best marked decks.
How to mark playing cards? We can print fonts and suits on the back of Copag poker. For example, we marked with big font in the middle back black cards while we marked with big or small, and white or black marks backside red cards.
These invisible ink marked playing cards Copag Teaxs Holdem are not visible to naked eyes, if you want to see through these luminous marked cards tricks, do not forget to use our infrared contact lenses or marked cards glasses.
GS marking cards shop are famous for its high quality playing cards cheating devices. If you are interested about any kinds of products, please contact us at any time.


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