Blackjack shoe cheat camera for unmarked cards

If you are looking for poker devices to see unmarked cards, this blackjack shoe poker camera is good to see normal playing cards. There have different kinds of blackjack shoe playing cards scanner for your choice, such as black one and transparent one.
We install a wireless poker camera inside blackjack shoe but it remain the same as normal one. The function of blackjack shoe playing cards scanner is able to see the face of the top first coming card.
How to use this kind of baccarat dealing shoe? First, you need to use one thin needle to press the mini switch in the hole to turn the power of poker camera on. And then, you press the remote control to turn poker camera on. Next, you press the remote control to pull the first coming card up, so that the camera will be able to see the face of first coming card. Your partner will be able to see what the first coming card is in the video phone or TV in another room, and he will tell you what the card is and you can decide whether you want that card. if you need that first coming card, you can keep it up and deal this card to you.


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