Advanced CVK 400 poker analyzer devices

CVK 400 poker analyzer is a real smart phone, which allowing you to surf the Internet in daily life. CVK 400 poker analyzers are based on CVK 350 poker analyzer, but CVK 400 is much more advanced. Here we can know more details about CVK 400 poker analyzer.
With two poker camera inside, CVK 400 poker analyzer is capable of reading cards wider than CVK 350 one equipped with just one camera at the same speed. Thus, advanced CVK 400 poker analyzer devices can read laser barcode marked cards with their screen up or down while CVK 350 poker analyzer can only work with their screen up.
The other advantage of CVK 400 poker analyzer is that CVK 400 poker analyzer has a Bluetooth earphone, so that you can hear poker results within 2 meter from the CVK poker analyzers while CVK 350c poker analyzer work with traditional wireless earpiece whose distance does not exceed 50cm.


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