Spy electronic cigarette playing cards scanner

Maybe you will find that many poker lovers enjoyed cigarette when they are playing in poker games. Smoking in casino is common.
Our technicians process the latest electronic cigarette scanning lens in the world. So far, few poker devices company can do this and most poker lovers do not know the secret hidden in electronic cigarette. The mini poker lens was set inside E-cigarette but it remains the same outward and the original function as not-made electronic cigarette. Just keep smoking no matter which kind of poker games you are playing, the barcode marked cards electronic cigarette scanning lens can scan invisible ink barcode on the edge side marked decks. As for the scanning distance, you can customize depending on your requirement.
After scanning, the data was sent to poker analyzer and you can receive poker results by wireless earpiece or watching time.
You can look through our website for more details about electronic cigarette barcode cards scanning lens.


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