Contact lenses for invisible marked cards

Our company sells three kinds of contact lenses for invisible ink marked cards, such as invisible contact lenses, marked playing cards contact lenses and infrared contact lenses.
All these playing cards contact lenses have good reputation among our regular customer. Our contact lenses can help you see marked cards poker clearly, which will not change your eyes color. The most importantly is that they do not harm your eyes.
Marked cards contact lenses are the best and convenient poker devices for you to poker cheat games.


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  • Name: Louise2018-04-30 04:16:22IP:
  • Content: I would like to enquire about the price of a pair of Ultimate Infrared Contact Lenses, and how i would go about purchasing them. I was also wondering whether they read all types of invisible ink?
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  • Name: yuri2018-04-28 20:56:19IP:
  • Content: i have interest by this nokia
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  • Name: Yannick Roosen2018-04-26 13:13:28IP:
  • Content: Hello. I want to know the price off the Marked Deck Of Cards Copag Jumbo Face. Kind Regards Yannick
  • Reply: I have sent you the details about┬áMarked Deck Of Cards Copag Jumbo Face┬áby Email.

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