Best blue eyes marked cards poker contact lenses for sale

Blue eyes marked playing cards invisible ink contact lenses for specially designed for poker players with blue eyes who want to use it in cheating all kinds of games. If you have blue eyes, you can see through juice marks backside luminous marked cards poker with these magic invisible ink pen contact lenses.
Blue eyes contact lenses for playing cards marking with invisible ink are good choice for you to read luminous ink marks, and it has the same function of X ray marked poker cards sunglasses. Do not worry that it cannot change your eyes color.
No matter what kind of paper poker cards or plastic playing decks, you can wear our omnipotent blue eyes luminous ink contact lenses marked cards for seeing invisible ink numbers and suits.


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  • Name: Louise2018-04-30 04:16:22IP:
  • Content: I would like to enquire about the price of a pair of Ultimate Infrared Contact Lenses, and how i would go about purchasing them. I was also wondering whether they read all types of invisible ink?
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  • Content: Hello. I want to know the price off the Marked Deck Of Cards Copag Jumbo Face. Kind Regards Yannick
  • Reply: I have sent you the details about┬áMarked Deck Of Cards Copag Jumbo Face┬áby Email.

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